StickUpPix By Murals Your Way - FAQs


What are StickUpPix?
StickUpPix are your iPhone photos printed on a 3/4 inch black board that easily attach to your wall
How much do StickUpPix cost?
Your first three StickUpPix are $49. Each additional Pix is $9.
How much is shipping?
UPS Ground Shipping is free to the 50 United States.
Do you ship internationally?
No, StickUpPix are only available in the 50 United States.
What are the dimensions of a StickUpPix?
StickUpPix are 8 inches by 8 inches and 3/4 inch thick.
How do StickUpPix adhere to the wall?
Each StickUpPix has four sticky dots that are made to easily attach to any smooth, painted surface without damage. StickUpPix can be moved and rearranged over and over again.
How quickly will my order arrive?
Most orders should ship within 5 - 7 business days.
Can I choose Rush shipping?
No, StickUpPix are only available via UPS Ground shipping for customers in the United States.
Can I modify my photo for printing?
Yes, click on any selected image to zoom in or out as well as focus in on one part of the picture. StickUpPix will print exactly as you see them in the app.
Can I apply filters and other settings to my photos?
Yes, use any photo app to modify your image. Then save it to your iPhone photo library.
What is the minimum resolution for my photo?
A minimum of 800 x 800 pixels. The StickUpPix app will let you know if your photo doesn't meet our minimum resolution.
What is StickUpPix mounted on?
Your photo is mounted on Gator Board, a black and very rigid poly surface. It is moisture- and warp- resistant, unlike foam board which is foam covered with lightweight paper stock. Gator Board is an extruded polystyrene foam encased between layers of a melamine and wood fiber veneer.